Acne Scars vs. Acne Marks 646cf9dc926f8.jpeg

Acne Scars vs. Acne Marks

What could be more frustrating than finally having your breakout clear up, only to find residual scars or marks left on your once-clear skin? The blemishes left behind from a breakout can come in the form of either an acne scar or acne mark. Understanding the difference between an acne scars vs acne marks can …

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Hyperpigmentation Explained 646cfa48aaab7.jpeg

Hyperpigmentation Explained

Have you been noticing the appearance of dark spots on your skin or face after pregnancy or recent exposure to the sun? You may be experiencing hyperpigmentation, a skin condition that affects about five million men and women in the United States. What is Pigmentation? To understand hyperpigmentation, you have to learn what pigmentation is …

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What is UV Radiation? 646cfa5bf423e.jpeg

What is UV Radiation?

UV radiation can cause serious damage to your skin over time. As the summer months approach, we want to remind you to practice sun-safe behaviors to prevent skin cancer from UV radiation. Keep reading to learn more about UV radiation and how you can protect yourself from these harmful rays all year long. What is …

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Sunscreen 101 646cfa6dd3eeb.jpeg

Sunscreen 101

Summer is just around the corner, which means longer days spent outdoors in the sun. Whether you have a beach trip coming up or you’re just planning to be outside more, be sure to practice sun-safe behaviors like regularly applying sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most important tool at our disposal to help prevent skin cancer. …

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The Five Basic Skin Types 646cfa8b7a000.png

The Five Basic Skin Types

There is no shortage of products available to target an array of different skin types. From oily to sensitive, dry to combination, how do you know what kind of skin type you have? Properly identifying what your skin type is will help prevent wasting money on products that are not meant for you. The good …

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What is Rosacea?

Did you know that April is National Rosacea Awareness Month? The National Rosacea Association designates this month to build awareness and educate the public on this chronic and widespread facial disorder. It’s estimated that it affects more than 16 million Americans. Could you be one of them? Keep reading to learn more about rosacea, including …

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