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Treatment Time:

30-60 minutes

What It Treats:

Reduces hair growth


Significant reduction in body hair after 6 treatments

Recovery Time:

No downtime

lhr 1

About The Procedure:

What is laser hair removal?

lhr 3 It is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures where an intense light beam is directed into the hair follicle to gently heat and remove unwanted hair. The light beam only affects the hair follicle, and not the skin around or under it.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

lhr 2 If you have hair that is light brown or darker, you are an ideal candidate. Laser hair removal will not work on blond, white, gray, or red hair.

Is laser hair removal safe?

SomaSou’s laser hair removal is safe for all skin types. It’s important to follow the pre and post treatment care given to you by our providers.

What to expect?

Hair grows in cycles, making it necessary to receive a series of treatments. Each treatment is spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Most patients need at least 6 treatment cycles for best results.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

  1. Shave 12-24 hours before treatment. This allows the laser to locate the hair follicle faster
  2. Do not was, thread, or tweeze 2-4 weeks prior to treatment
  3. Remove all makeup, lotion, & deodorant prior to treatment
  4. Do not tan 2-4 weeks prior to your treatment (this includes sunbeds!) Tanned skin has extra melanin (pigment) which attracts laser energy AWAY from targeted hair follicles, making the treatment less effective.

What happens after my laser hair removal treatment?

  1. Do not exercise, take hot showers, or use hot tubs/sauna for 12-24 hours after treatment
  2. Wash and pat dry after showering for 3 days and on the 4th day start exfoliating
  3. Avoid using any other hair removal treatment (waxing, electrolysis, or tweezing)
  4. SPF 30+ is strongly advised every day, even if cloudy.

What Is the Laser Hair Removal Procedure Like?

Laser hair removal is a relatively quick and easy process for most patients. Although the experience will vary from patient to patient, you can expect a procedure similar to the following:


The process starts with a consultation. We want to review your medical history to ensure you’re a good candidate and don’t have any medical risk factors that could complicate things.

Overall, laser hair removal is much more universal than it used to be, but it’s not right for all skin types and conditions. The consultation ensures that your skin will respond well and that your body is up to the procedure.

After the consultation, you will schedule your first session, and the team will walk you through preparations. You can find a list further down.


When you arrive for your treatment, the team will prepare you. They may reshave the targeted area to ensure good laser penetration.

Once ready, you will wear special goggles that protect your eyes. The team will administer a topical anesthetic to manage discomfort. From there, the doctor will apply the laser to the area you previously discussed.

You might feel a warm or prickly sensation, but the process should not hurt. If it does, speak up so we can take measures.

The time of the procedure depends on the size of the area. Small sessions take only a few minutes. More involved sessions might last over an hour.

After + Recovery:

When the procedure finishes, the team will ensure you know proper aftercare for your treated skin.

Please note that it’s common to see some redness and minor swelling. It typically goes away in a few hours. Sometimes, it might take a couple of days to resolve fully.

You can ice or chill the area if it’s giving you discomfort. The team will make sure you know the right way to do this.

Lastly, note that the hairs do not all fall out right away. You can expect to shed them over a few days (sometimes even weeks). Your follow-up treatments will stick to a similar pattern, but ultimately, you can look forward to long-term hair removal.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can provide the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for daily shaving
  • Reduces razor burn
  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • No downtime needed
  • Save you money on razors, shaving cream, etc.
  • Reduces the risk of skin conditions

How Often Will I Need Laser Hair Removal?

When you first begin laser hair removal treatment, you will need multiple sessions to remove all hair growth. Most patients benefit from two to six laser hair removal sessions before seeing complete hair removal. These sessions should be spaced four to six weeks apart. With each session, less and less of your hair will grow back. After a number of sessions, you can achieve complete hair removal.

Are Laser Hair Removal Results Permanent?

While laser hair removal can achieve complete hair removal, there is no guarantee it is permanent. While your results can last for several years, most patients need a follow-up laser hair removal treatment at least once each year to keep unwanted hair from growing back.

Schedule a Consultation for Laser Hair Removal

If you are interested in laser hair removal and ready to say goodbye to shaving for good, schedule a consultation at SomaSou MedSpa by clicking here. We have two convenient locations located in Alexandria, VA (571.895.7685) and Cumberland, MD (301.268.3364). To find out more about how laser hair removal can benefit you, give us a call today.

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