Botox & Dysport

Treatment Time:

15 minutes

What It Treats:

Moderate to severe wrinkles


Up to 2 weeks for full results, lasts 3-4 months

Recovery Time:

No downtime

treatment botox and dysport

About The Procedure:

Botox, Dysport, and Juveau all belong to a group of wrinkle-relaxing cosmetic injectables known as neuromodulators. These injectables manipulate nerve activity to relax targeted muscles temporarily.

Our trained and licensed injectors prioritize advanced training and education to maintain a high level of expertise, dedicated to assisting you in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Benefits of neuromodulators:

  • Effective between the brows, at edges of the eyes, on the nose, and forehead
  • Smooths worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and bunny lines
  • Improves both vertical neck wrinkles and horizontal neck bands (turkey neck).
  • Can give the eyes a wider, more open appearance.
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • FDA approved

What to Expect During a Neuromodulator Treatment:

During your treatment, our skilled injectors will carefully administer the injections using ultra-fine needles. The injections target specific muscles to temporarily relax them, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. While individual experiences may vary, most clients report minimal discomfort during the procedure. Our team prioritizes your comfort, and if desired, we can apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any potential discomfort further.

Areas Treated:

  • Glabella: Neuromodulator injections can help smooth the vertical lines between the eyebrows, often referred to as the “11 lines” or glabellar lines.
  • Forehead: Neuromodulators can reduce the appearance of horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother and more youthful-looking forehead.
  • Crow’s feet: Botox is commonly used to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the outer corners of the eyes, known as crow’s feet.
  • Platysmal bands: Neuromodulator njections can relax the muscles in the neck, reducing the visibility of vertical bands (neck bands) that may form in the area.
  • Underarms (hyperhidrosis): Botox can effectively treat excessive sweating in the underarm area by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that stimulate sweat production.
  • Sweaty palms: Botox injections can help reduce excessive sweating in the palms by blocking the nerve impulses that trigger sweat glands, providing relief from sweaty palms.
  • TMJ: relaxes your masseter muscles that contribute to teeth grinding.

Post-Treatment Recovery and Results:

You can resume your regular daily activities almost immediately following your Botox treatment. There may be slight redness or minimal swelling at the injection sites, but these typically subside quickly. It’s essential to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas to ensure the product settles evenly. Within a few days, you should start noticing the gradual smoothing of wrinkles, resulting in a refreshed and more youthful appearance.

Duration of Botox Effects:

While the effects of Botox injections are not permanent, they provide a notable enhancement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. On average, the results can last for three to four months. However, individual factors such as metabolism, muscle strength, and lifestyle choices can influence the longevity of the effects. We recommend scheduling follow-up treatments to maintain your desired look and optimize the benefits of Botox.

The Importance of Trusting Your Injector:

Trusting your injector’s expertise and recommendations regarding your injection dosing is paramount. Our injectors have a deep understanding of the facial anatomy similarities and differences between women and men and know the necessary dosing for natural-looking outcomes. We take the time to assess your unique needs, discuss your aesthetic goals, and tailor the treatment accordingly. Rest assured that your safety, satisfaction, and desired outcomes are our top priorities.

Schedule Your Consult:

Experience the transformative effects of neuromodulator injections with our trusted team of professionals. Our expertise allows you to embrace a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance confidently.

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis + Sweaty Palms)

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition that simply means your body’s normal self-cooling mechanism is overactive. Localized Botox injections help get your sweat levels go down to normal. Botox helps turn off the signals to the nerves that make them overact. Early results seen at 2-4 days and at 2 weeks a big difference is noted.

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