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Exion: the single noninvasive skin solution to turning back time! Exion offers multiple solutions to universal skin problems. Using radiofrequency and ultrasound, it targets fibroblasts in an innovative way that increases collagen and elastin while also boosting the level of hyaluronic acid. The increase in collagen and elastin tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles, while the boost in hyaluronic acid increases facial volume without fillers.

In clinical studies conducted in 2022, Exion has shown remarkable results:

  • Improved collagen and elastin production by 50%
  • Increased the production of hyaluronic acid, leading to a 23% improvement in skin hydration and a 41% improvement in skin texture
  • Reduced wrinkles and acne scars through skin tightening

Exion also delivers outstanding results for body treatments, including skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and a 22% reduction in fat. Exion's combined technology of RF and ultrasound handles these fantastic transformations. Additionally, Exion features a microneedling component that increases collagen and elastin production, resulting in a 40% reduction in scars and wrinkles, as shown in clinical studies from 2022 and 2023.

Why Choose Exion Microneedling:

  • Doubles collagen and elastin production compared to standard microneedling
  • Less pain and downtime due to single-pass microneedling
  • 90% of patients in clinical studies found the treatment comfortable

Unlike Morpheus 8, Exion's side effects are minimal, with redness and minor swelling that typically disappear within 48 hours. In contrast, Morpheus 8 often leads to discomfort, extended redness, and peeling lasting up to 10 days due to multiple passes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Exion Safe?

Yes, Exion is FDA approved, and all clinical studies have confirmed its safety.

Is Exion Effective?

Absolutely, all clinical studies have proven its effectiveness.

What Does Exion RF and Ultrasound Treatment Feel Like?

It's similar to a hot stone massage. If the heat feels too intense, we can adjust the Radiofrequency for your comfort.

What Does Exion Microneedling Treatment Feel Like?

You'll experience slight pricking sensations on the skin, which should be minimized by the application of numbing cream before the procedure.

What Are the Side Effects of Exion RF and Ultrasound?

Expect redness and swelling for 24-48 hours, which will subside. Your skin may feel dry during the first twelve hours after treatment; you can use Aquaphor ointment or CeraVe moisturizer to alleviate dryness.

What Are the Side Effects of Exion Fractional Microneedling?

You may experience a heating sensation afterward. Minimal bleeding during the treatment, which will disappear after 24-48 hours. Redness and swelling in the treatment area that will resolve in 24-48 hours. You might also feel itching and irritation in the treated area, which will disappear in 24-48 hours. We can recommend an antihistamine to help with itching.

We're here to provide you with the best skin care experience.

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