How To Stop Excessive Sweating

excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, otherwise known as ‘hyperhidrosis’ can be incredibly annoying even if it is relatively common. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: Type 1, which is the one we will be focusing on today, is when excessive sweating has no underlying medical cause. Then there’s Type 2 hyperhidrosis which is when excessive sweating is due to an underlying medical condition. Because Type 2 can have a myriad of causes, our solutions may not apply, but nonetheless, feel free to try them!

What To NOT Do To Stop Excessive Sweating

Before exploring potential solutions, it’s important to address wives’ tales, home remedies, and general misinformation that may not help at all, or worse yet, hurt and cause more sweating.

  • Tight Clothes, Yes Even Moisture Wicking Ones
    • Sports performance clothes may make sense, after all, they purport to help with sweating and athletes wear them; however, some studies have shown that excessive sweaters can have their bodies sweat even more while wearing tight, synthetic fabrics.
  • Closed Shoes
    • Sure, this may be a little harder to exercise if your environment doesn’t allow for your feet to be out in the open air; however, even with enclosed shoes, there are some breathable options. The idea is the same as tight clothing, avoid tight shoes!
  • Spicy Foods
    • Spicy foods can make even non-excessive sweaters sweat, so avoiding this activity can help decrease your own sweating.

What To Do To Stop Excessive Sweating 

  • Loose-Fitting Clothes
    • If tight clothes can increase the risk of excessive sweating then it’s only logical that loose-fitting clothes can help decrease excessive sweating.
  • Moisture Absorbing Socks, Change Frequently
    • Socks that are moisture-absorbing and socks changed frequently(2-3 times a day) is also another recommended tactic.
  • Don’t Move Around Too Much
    • Sweating is encouraged when your body temperature rises and movement can cause increased body temperature.

None Of The Solutions Good Enough For Your Excessive Sweating? 

None of the proposed solutions offer longevity or even a guarantee that your excessive sweating will reduce. All the solutions are just ways to manage sweating. If you want to reduce your excessive sweating by a clinically found 85% minimum, then you may want to try BOTOX. A trained injector introduces botox to hyperhidrosis areas, cutting off the body’s communication system and reducing, if not stopping, excessive sweating for four to six months!

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