Common Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

From shaving to waxing, to sometimes even praying, there are no shortages of ways to address hair removal. Both men and women have tools, techniques, and tips when it comes to keeping their hair managed and groomed. While there are some well-studied and proven ways to remove hair there are also ways of removing unwanted hair that border on wive’s tales or pseudoscience. Some, wrongly, consider laser hair removal to be part of the latter, but at SomaSou, we’re here to clear the misconceptions and myths concerning laser hair removal. If you’re wondering about getting laser hair removal, then keep reading to learn all about it!

Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Safe

This is a common misconception that simply isn’t true. Certain lasers used in laser hair removal have been FDA-approved and the entire procedure is incredibly safe. The efficacy and safety come down to the tools used and the expertise earned and the professionalism maintained by the team so make sure the facility you go to is like SomaSou: Certified and licensed! Laser hair removal is a very safe and common procedure. Though some have reported feeling discomfort at the application site of the laser along with redness, these symptoms fade with time. It should be noted, in terms of pain or discomfort, most people report that laser hair removal is far less uncomfortable and painful than other hair removal procedures such as waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Works On Every Type Of Hair 

This unfortunately isn’t true. Laser hair removal, due to the technique it utilizes, is best done on those with darker hair, so if you have blonde, white, gray, or red hair, laser hair removal may not be optimal for you. Results may vary depending on hair color, hair thickness, and even your skin color and skin type. To best understand how laser hair removal will work for you, make sure to book a consultation!

Ready For Laser Hair Removal At SomaSou Med Spa? 

At The SomaSou Med Spa in Alexandria, VA, we know how important feeling and looking your best is. Our trained team prioritizes your care, comfort, and goals. If you’re interested in laser hair treatment, give us a call at 571-895-7685 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit us at for more information!

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