What Tattoos Get The Best Results With Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

Tattoos have been considered permanent for as long as they have been around. Well, that’s no longer the case. Laser tattoo removal is an effective way to lighten or outright remove a tattoo with little risk of scarring when compared to other removal methods, such as surgery.

You may have heard that some tattoos are better suited for tattoo removal than others. Though all tattoos can be lightened with laser tattoo removal, there are some tattoo factors that can lead to better results.

Dark Colors

Because laser tattoo removal works by heating the tattoo ink, breaking it apart, and letting the body easily remove the fragments of broken ink, tattoos with dark colors demonstrate better results.

Darker-colored tattoos seem to have better results because they absorb more energy from the lasers, meaning the tattoo can break apart more and be removed.

Though darker colors demonstrate better results, you may see similar results should you have a lighter-colored tattoo; it may just take more sessions. Be sure to consult your provider to know what results you can expect.

Age of The Tattoo

You may have noticed that tattoos fade over time. This is because your body is breaking down the tattoo. Old tattoos have better results with laser tattoo removal because they’ve already begun breaking down. On the other hand, new tattoos still have large deposits of ink in the skin, which can take more sessions to reach the same results as with a tattoo that’s had a few years to break down.

Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Alexandria, VA

While laser tattoo removal can have differing results depending on various factors, you won’t know what to expect until you consult a professional. Working with capable and experienced professionals is an excellent way to maximize your results.

To help you achieve your aesthetic and well-being goals, SomaSou Med Spa is a leading medical aesthetics and non-surgical treatment center that excels in developing individualized treatment plans. Consult with someone on their helpful team to learn how laser tattoo removal can help you.

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